Tork's roots in automotive spare parts manufacturing date back to 1996. Before starting its distribution activities, Tork has been the leading OEM / aftermarket manufacturer of hose clamps used in automotive radiator hoses. Since 2009, Tork's commercial arm (Torkauto) has extended its range in automotive spare parts and entered in strategic alliances with number of manufacturers all over the world to offer best-in-class spare parts at competitive prices.

Since its establishment, Tork's growth in spare parts and geographic reach has been very fast;

2009 : Tork's Russian operation – Tork Avto (TorkAvto.ru) has started serving Russian market. Tork Avto currently has has a team of 22 people and 2000 m² warehouse space dedicated for automotive aftermarket and spare parts in Russia.
2010 : Tork extended its warehouse in Turkey and moved to its current 3500 m² warehouse
2011 : Tork established it warehouse in Germany
2013 : Fanavaran Poolad Parnia – Tork's Iranian arm started operation in Tehran with a team of 4

Tork constantly evaluates its geographical expansion opportunities whether it through distributors or direct sales office. Please send an e-mail to in case you are interested to become our distributor in your.